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various pictures from ISSE projects

The University of Tennessee’s Institute for a Secure and Sustainable Environment (ISSE) seeks to promote the development of policies, technologies, and educational programs that cut across multiple disciplines, engage the university’s research faculty and staff, and grow in response to pressing environmental and security issues facing the state, the nation, and the globe. ISSE’s specialized centers, programs, and initiatives address a range of issues that fall under the broad rubric of sustainability.




orange bullet TNWRRC and local partners sponsor community outreach events throughout the year. Read about their 2016-17 activities.

orange bullet Read about the 2016-17 TNWRRC Adopt-A-Watershed program and read local news articles on the activities.

orange bullet The Tennessee Water Resources Research Center and the Town of Farragut are working together to identify, locate, and assess the different stormwater structures that are owned by the Town. [Read more here]

orange bullet Read the Spring 2017 TNWRRC email newsletter, produced by ISSE's Tennessee Water Resources Research Center.

orange bullet Read the Spring 2017 Fuels Fix, an e-zine promoting the successes of Clean Cities Coalitions nationwide, published by ISSE's East Tennessee Clean Fuels Coalition.

orange bullet Melissa Goldberg, with ISSE's East Tennessee Clean Fuels, made a presentation at the 3rd Annual Women in STEM Research Symposium on March 21, 2017. Her talk is titled "East Tennessee Clean Fuels - STEM deployment and beyond."

orange bullet Hannah Woo presented her doctoral dissertation defense, titled "The microbial ecology of bacterial lignocellulose degradation in the ocean," on March 24, 2017. ISSE Director Terry Hazen is Hannah's graduate advisor.

orange bullet Thanos Papanicolaou, Director of ISSE's Tennessee Water Resources Research Center, was named a Fellow of the American Society of Civil Engineers, a honor that is bestowed on only 1.2% of ASCE members.

orange bullet ISSE's Tennessee Water Resources Research Center (TNWRRC) facilitates pervious concrete sidewalk in the Halls Outdoor Classroom to benefit handicapped students. [more]

Publications & Presentations

orange bullet Maria F. Campa (student of ISSE's Dr. Hazen) gave her outstanding abstract award at the American Society for Microbiology Microbe 2017 annual meeting in New Orleans. Read the abstract here.

orange bullet ISSE Director Terry Hazen, Governor’s Chair Professor for Environmental Biotechnology, delivered an invited plenary talk for more than 500 scientists at the Bolger Conference Center in Potomac, Maryland, on April 25 during the 2017 DOE TES/SBR Joint Investigators Meeting. Hazen spoke on the “ENIGMA Project: Lab to Field and Back — Environmental System Microbiome.”

orange bullet T. C. Hazen. Invited Symposia. Environmental Justice and Disposal of Toxic Waste. January 24, 2017. Washington, D.C. Integrating Environment and Health, 17th National Conference and Global Forum on Science, Policy and the Environment

orange bullet L. R. Mason, J. M. Hathaway, K. N. Ellis, and T. Harrison. 2017. Public interest in microclimate data in Knoxville, Tennessee, USA. Sustainability 9 (1): 23 (doi:10.3390/su9010023)

orange bullet L. R. Mason, K. N. Ellis, and J. M. Hathaway. 2017. Experiences of urban environmental conditions in socially and economically diverse neighborhoods. Journal of Community Practice (doi: 10.1080/10705422.2016.1269250)

orange bullet Wilson, Christopher G., Kenneth M. Wacha, A.N. (Thanos) Papanicolaou, Heather A. Sander, Violet B. Freudenberg, Benjamin K.B. Abban, and Chang Zhao. 2016. Dynamic assessment of current management in an intensively managed agroecosystem. Journal of Contemporary Water Research & Education 158: 148-171.

orange bullet Jian Sun, Joshua Fu, and Kan Huang. 2016. Organic nitrates and other oxidized nitrogen compounds contribute significantly to the total nitrogen depositions in the United States.In Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, published ahead of print July 20, 2016 (DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1608717113).

orange bullet ISSE is featured in an article (page 18) in the Spring 2016 edition of Tennessee Engineer, a publication by UT's College of Engineering.