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various pictures from ISSE projects

The University of Tennessee’s Institute for a Secure and Sustainable Environment (ISSE) seeks to promote the development of policies, technologies, and educational programs that cut across multiple disciplines, engage the university’s research faculty and staff, and grow in response to pressing environmental and security issues facing the state, the nation, and the globe. ISSE’s specialized centers, programs, and initiatives address a range of issues that fall under the broad rubric of sustainability.



orange bullet ISSE Researchers Rachel Chen and Tim Ezzell are leading a study to better understand Appalachian tourism and identify opportunities to grow tourism activities and encourage business development. See the February 8, 2018 article in the UT Daily Beacon, "UT faculty members conduct research on tourism in Appalachia" and the December 18, 2018 article in the UT Online News, "Faculty Studying Appalachian Tourism, Growth Opportunities."

orange bullet A recent article co-authored by ISSE Director Terry Hazen, Community proteogenomics reveals the systemic impact of phosphorus availability on microbial functions in tropical soil, was picked up by several news services:

orange bullet Rachel Chen, Director of ISSE's Center for Sustainable Business and Development, was named a 2016-17 Fellow by UT's Center for Transportation Research. [Read More Here]

orange bullet TNWRRC Director Thanos Papanicolaou and his team are conducting experiments to investigate how past, present, and future human activities and climate affect the health of soil. [Read More Here]

orange bullet Read the Fall 2017 Fuels Fix, an e-zine promoting the successes of Clean Cities Coalitions nationwide, published by ISSE's East Tennessee Clean Fuels Coalition.

orange bullet The Clarksville-Montgomery County School System officially launched its 15 new propane-powered Type C school buses, funded partially through a “Reducing Diesel Emissions for a Healthier Tennessee” grant that ISSE's Tennessee Clean Fuels (TNCleanFuels) manages for the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC). [Read the story in the CMCSS Focus and in the Leaf-Chronicle.]

Upcoming Events

Dr. Desiree Tullos, a professor in the Biological and Ecological Engineering Department at Oregon State University, will present a seminar on Dam Removal And Reoperation In An Age Of Complex Hydrosystems on Thursday, February 15, 2018 from 1:00-2:30pm in the Howard Baker Center's Toyota Auditorium. ISSE is a co-sponsor of this seminar. Read the abstract.

orange bullet UT Recycling is hosting two documentaries this semester for RecycleMania on February 20th and March 21st, both at 7:00 P.M. in Room 252 in Hodges Library. The first documentary is called "Bag It," and is about the environmental damage of plastic bags and single-use plastic, and the second documentary is still being decided, but is more than likely going to be the movie "Trashed".

Publications & Presentations

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orange bullet Erin Arcipowski, John Schwartz, Lisa Davenport, Meghan Hayes, and Tracy Nolan. 2017. Clean Water, Clean Life: Promoting Healthier, Accessible Water in Rural Appalachia. Universities Council on Water Resources, Journal of Contemporary Water Research & Education 161: 1-18.

orange bullet Elhakeem, M., A.N. Papanicolaou, C.G. Wilson. 2017. Implementing streambank erosion control measures in meandering streams: Design procedure enhanced with numerical modeling. International Journal of River Basin Management (DOI: 10.1080/15715124.2017.1315816)

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orange bullet Sun, J., J. S. Fu, J. B. Drake, J-F Lamarque, S. Tilmes, and F. Vitt. 2017. Improvement of the prediction of surface ozone concentration over conterminous U.S. by a computationally efficient second-order Rosenbrock solver in CAM4-Chem. Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems 9(1): 482-500 ( doi: 10.1002/2016MS000863).

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