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ISSE Seed Grants

2021 Seed Grant Projects

  • Geochemical Interaction between CO2 and Caprock for safe Carbon Sequestration
    Khalid Alshibli, PI; Nicholas Dygert, Co-PI
  • Toward Precision Environmental Health Risk Management: Feasibility of Personalized Exposome Monitoring
    Qiang He, PI; Courtney Cronley, Shuai Li, Co-PIs
  • Bioengineering of the Duckweed Plastid Genome: A Model Plant for Aquatic Bioremediation
    Scott Lenaghan, PI; Barry Bruce, Co-PI

2019-20 ISSE Seed Grant Projects

2018-19 ISSE Seed Grant Projects

  • Gas Driven Fracture During Gas Production using 3D Synchrotron Computed Tomography (SMT) - proposal; progress report
  • Investigate Gas Production from Organic Matter in Sediments to Estimate Methane Release from Water Holding Structures - proposal; progress report

2017-18 ISSE Seed Grant Projects

2016-17 ISSE Seed Grant Projects

2015-16 ISSE Seed Grant Projects

2014-15 ISSE Seed Grant Projects

2013-14 ISSE Seed Grant Projects

2012-13 ISSE Seed Grant Projects

  • International Center for Air Pollution and Energy Study (ICAPES) (extended to 2013-14; extended 2014-15)
  • TVA Database Mining (extended to 2013-14; extended 2014-15)
  • Renewable Production of Chemical Feedstocks and Value-Added Chemicals (extended to 2013-14; extended to 2014-15)