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Other Projects

orange bullet Town of Farragut Project—The TNWRRC and the Town of Farragut are working together to identify, locate, and assess the different stormwater structures that are owned by the Town.

orange bullet Impacts of Acid Deposition on Water Quality and Aquatic Biota (Cooperative Agreement between National Park Service and University of Tennessee)

orange bullet Beaver Creek Watershed Project

orange bullet Oversight of the Adopt-A-Watershed Program, engaging 1500+ Knox County students in service learning

orange bullet Participation in the Knox-area Water Quality Forum

orange bullet Supervision of the CAC AmeriCorps Water Quality Team

orange bullet Watershed Restoration Planning - Under the Urban Watershed Restoration Project, staff of the TNWRRC are preventing erosion and nonpoint source pollution, rebuilding degraded habitat, and introducing alternatives to traditional engineering methods. TN WRRC Associate Director Timothy Gangaware and staff have worked with fellow members of Knoxville’s Water Quality Forum to build riparian corridors along area waterways, to use natural materials to repair “blown-out” land, and to educate area professionals and residents about the benefits of alternative methods and of promoting and protecting watershed health. This work is funded by the Tennessee Department of Agriculture’s Non-Point Source Program. Specific projects have included creating buffer zones of native trees and plants in a section of World’s Fair Park in downtown Knoxville and behind an apartment complex in south Knoxville, as well as restoring stream banks and revitalizing habitat along Knoxville’s First, Second, Third, Love, Beaver, and Goose creeks. Hands-on workshops organized by TNWRRC and other forum members train Knoxville-area parks and recreation personnel, greenways coordinators, and engineers to use natural techniques. Says Gangaware, “These projects are helping diverse organizations achieve diverse goals by working together, and we’re improving the environment and people’s lives at the same time.”

orange bullet Tennessee Growth Readiness Program

orange bullet Knox Site Planning Roundtable