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Town of Farragut, TN Project

Figure 1: TNWRRC Intern Sean Ryan and Lori Saal, the Farragut Stormwater Manager are reviewing the attributes needed to describe the stormwater grates.

The Tennessee Water Resources Research Center and the Town of Farragut are working together to identify, locate, and assess the different stormwater structures that are owned by the Town. The project is a multi-year, phased effort that will canvas the different residential communities in Farragut. The team of Thanos Papanicolaou, Christopher Wilson, Tim Gangaware, Roy Arthur, and student intern Sean Ryan will canvas the neighborhoods of Farragut, mapping the different assets and assessing their condition. They will compile GIS maps for the Town and a detailed report. Not only is this work mandated for maintaining the Town’s MS4 permits, but also it will lead to the development of a stormwater infrastructure improvement plan.