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Knox County Harrell Road Stormwater BMP Demonstration Park  

picture of park
View of the Park

The Tennessee Water Resources Center (TN WRRC/UT) housed under the Institute for a Secure and Sustainable Environment (ISSE) at the University of Tennessee played a major role in the development of Knox County’s Harrell Road Stormwater Best Management Practices (BMP) Demonstration Park that opened in Late May, 2017.

Tim Gangaware, Associate Director; Ruth Anne Hanahan, Senior Research Associate; and Roy Arthur, Research Associate, spent seven years working on Harrell Road Park from concept to completion. Gangaware and Arthur were part of the committee that made the decision to turn the property donated to the Legacy Parks Foundation into a Stormwater BMP Demonstration Park for the Karns community. Gangaware oversaw grant administration, permitting, and design. Arthur was project manager throughout the process. Hanahan, Co-Director of the Tennessee Smart Yards program, oversaw the design and installation of the demonstration rain garden on site. Hanahan is also coordinator of the Adopt-A-Watershed program and involved over 200 students in Project Based Learning at the Harrell Rd. Park.
For more information about the park click on the following link.

TNWRRC's Roy Arthur provided management support, installation of BMPs, and graphic design for the Knox County Harrell Road Stormwater BMP Demonstration Park, which celebrated its opening with a ribbon-cutting ceremony on May 26, 2017. Roy put together public/private partnerships, coordinated federal and local employees and volunteers of all ages, and acquired almost half of the park’s cost in donations in addition to many other tasks.

Harrell Road Stormwater Park is located off Harrell and West Emory between Karns and Powell. The 19 acres that make up the park were donated to Legacy Parks Foundation in 2008, and the group’s Land Conservation Committee decided to turn it into a neighborhood park.The park will be used by both professionals to teach about stormwater management practices and by the public for recreation and enjoyment of our region’s fauna and flora.

picture of flowers
Mid-June flowers
picture of rain garden
Rain Garden

picture of parking lot
Pervious Paver Parking Lot
picture of stormwater pond
Stormwater Pond