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TNWRRC Outreach Activities

TNWRRC staff manages and/or co-sponsors numerous outreach and community engagement activities, as shown below:

Upcoming Events

April 29, 2017—Rain Barrel Workshop, 10-12:00noon, Oak Ridge Central Services Complex, 100 Woodbury Lane

May 9, 2017—Water Fest (an elementary school field trip event), Ijams Nature Center (two sessions: 9-11am and 11:30-1:30pm)

May 13, 2017—Rain Barrel Workshop,10-12:00noon, New Harvest Park

May 26, 2017—10am, Harrell Rd Stormwater BMP Demonstration Park ribbon cutting

June 3, 2017—"Ivy" Rain Barrel, 9-11am, the University of Tennessee Gardens located off of Neyland Drive (Pick up pre-ordered rain barrels or purchase one.)

June 10, 2017 Families in the Creek, 8am-Noon, Ten Mile Creek off of North Gallaher View Road


TNWRRC facilitated installation of a pervious concrete sidewalk in the Halls Outdoor Classroom to benefit handicapped students.

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