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AAW Science Fair Winners

picture of science fair winnersCareer Magnet Academy high school students participating in the Adopt-A-Watershed Program submitted award-winning entries to the 2017 Southern Appalachian Science and Engineering Fair (SASEF). Their projects were based on Swan Pond Creek split water samples analyzed by CMA chemistry students and KUB. Support was provided by Kenny Blair, CAC AmeriCorps Water Quality Team member; Ruth Anne Hanahan, UT-TN WRRC; Cindy Brown, CMA Chemistry teacher; and Jill Shinlever,CMA Biology teacher.

Following were their awards:

  • Grace Taylor - Project Entitled: The Connection Between Water Quality and Eco-Tourism
    SASEF Certificate of Excellence ($25 award)
  • Mia Shoup & Drake Smith - Joint Project Entitled: Swan Pond Water Quality Study
    SASEF Honorable Mention
    SASEF Certificate of Excellence( $25 award)
    ASU Walton Sustainability Award*
    US Stockhom Junior Water*

*These awards have opportunities to compete on the national level and Mia and Drake are submitting applications for these competitions.