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The Tennessee Water Resources Research Center (TNWRRC), which is guided by a statewide advisory committee, cooperates with government agencies, private-sector nonprofit organizations, and the public to identify key water issues facing Tennessee and the region. TNWRRC facilitates research at universities and colleges throughout the region; promotes education and training relevant to water-resources issues; and serves as an information clearinghouse for federal, state, and local government agencies that oversee water-related problems.

TNWRRC's efforts also include training of undergraduate and graduate students in various aspects of water-resource management. During the past five years, more than 60 students from five Tennessee colleges and universities have worked on TNWRRC-sponsored research.

One of TNWRRC's greatest strengths is its ability to establish and nurture partnerships with a wide range of water-related agencies, individuals, and organizations, including the U.S. Geological Survey; the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers; the Tennessee Valley Authority; the Natural Resource Conservation Service; the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation; the Tennessee Department of Transportation; Tennessee Stormwater Association; Knox County's Department of Engineering; Knox County's Parks and Recreation Department; Ijams Nature Center; the Knoxville Utility Board; Legacy Parks Foundation; the University of Memphis; Tennessee Technological University; and the University of Tennessee Knoxville

picture of Thanos PapanicolaouJohn Schwartz serves as Director of ISSE's Tennessee Water Resources Research Center and is also a Professor in UT's Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. He has over 30 years of experience in academics and professional engineering practice. His research interests include watershed hydrology and sediment modeling, river mechanics, ecological engineering, ecohydraulics, stream restoration, and water quality.

picture of Tim GangawareTimothy Gangaware is Assistant Director of the TNWRRC. He holds an MSP in Regional Planning from the University of Tennessee Knoxville. His research interests include water-resources management, control of nonpoint source water pollution, watershed assessment, and environmental planning.


TNWRRC Main Office—
Telephone: 865-974-2151 (or 974-4251)
Fax: 865-974-1838

John Schwartz—
Telephone: 865-974-7721

Timothy Gangaware—
Telephone: 865-974-4777