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Milton Russell
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Milton Russell is a Senior Fellow of ISSE and a Professor Emeritus in the Economics Department at the University of Tennessee. His current research focuses on analysis and policy direction for managing the environmental legacy of Department of Energy facilities.

Before coming to Tennessee in 1987, Russell served as an Assistant Administrator of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency directing its policy, planning, regulatory development, and evaluation functions. At EPA he was particularly charged with helping to develop systems and procedures for implementing the risk-based approach to environmental management. He accepted the position as founding Director of the Joint Institute for Energy and Environment (now merged into ISSE) in late 1992; prior to that he held a joint appointment with the UTK Economics Department, UTK's Energy, Environment and Resource Center (now merged into ISSE).

Russell has specialized in environmental policy since 1983, but prior to that his research and work focused on energy policy. He was at Resources for the Future 1976-1983, and from 1979 directed RFF's Center for Energy Policy Research. He served (1974-1976) as the Senior Staff Economist for energy on the President's Council of Economic Advisers. He was also a staff economist at what is now the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission during 1966-67.

Earlier in his career Russell was Professor of Economics (and Chairman, 1967-70) at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, and taught at Iowa State University, Texas Christian University and the University of Edinburgh, Scotland.

He is the author or co-author of a number of books, reports, articles and chapters in books, and has lectured extensively on energy and environment policy in this country and abroad. He has been especially active in China where, since 1987, he has traveled, lectured and consulted extensively in cooperation with the National Environmental Protection Agency and other ministries, and organizations. Russell has also served on a number of government and private sector energy and environmental advisory committees and consultancies. For example, he is now a former member of the Secretary of Energy's Advisory Board, now serves as Chair of the Westinghouse Savannah River Site Environmental Advisory Committee, and is Chair of the National Research Council's committee overseeing atmospheric ozone and particulate pollution research, among other activities.

Dr. Russell's curriculum vitae is available here (a .pdf file).

Dr. Russell's short (4-page) resume is available here (a .pdf file).


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