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ISSE Seed Project: Initiative for Sustainable Mobility

Team: Asad Khattak and David Greene, Civil and Environmental Engineering

2014-2015 Report

picture of meeting
Dr. David Greene and Dr. Asad Khattak co-hosted a luncheon at the Baker Center on Friday, June 12. 2015. The luncheon provided an opportunity to meet colleagues, peers, thought leaders, and experts with common interests in sustainable mobility and intelligent technologies

The Initiative for Sustainable Mobility (ISM) has made excellent progress in developing the concepts and practice of sustainable mobility via active research collaborations with faculty, staff, students, industry, and national laboratory researchers. We seek to understand how intelligent systems, big data, and computational power can be used to develop the most effective sustainable strategies. Our work is interdisciplinary, involving experts in various branches of engineering, business, policy and planning, economics, and other related disciplines. Via this Initiative, we are strengthening our research, education, and outreach mission by integrating resources and pursuing new opportunities, which would not be possible without ISM.

In our first year, we submitted several proposals. Six interdisciplinary (engineering and policy) proposals were funded in year one, showing a return on investment of 9:1. Two new proposals were funded, based on work done in our first year. One is on driving volatility, ($399,793, for 3 years) funded by the National Science Foundation. Another is “Green Generates Green” ($163,224), to be funded by the Tennessee Department of Transportation, where a research team will be examining how sustainable projects implemented within TDOT generate economic benefits. Some larger proposals are still under review.

We have also been working on developing the Southeastern Smart Mobility consortium with the Tennessee Department of Transportation operations office for implementation of connected vehicle mobility solutions, which, if funded, will pilot test technologies in the Knoxville area.

Our researchers have gained external recognition through invited presentations (including keynote and plenary sessions—seven by Dr. Greene and two by Dr. Khattak. Additionally, Dr. Greene was quoted in Science magazine, on National Public Radio, and at the Tennessee Environmental Conference.

2013-2014 Report

The vision for the Initiative for Sustainable Mobility (ISM) is to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of transportation systems by focusing on innovative policies and operational strategies that address energy, environment, and equity considerations. Its goal is to address the grand challenge of sustainable mobility, with specific objectives as follows:

  • enhance research collaborations among researchers at UT and ORNL;
  • increase competitiveness in pursuing major research funding initiatives;
  • increase UT’s visibility in academia, policy making, and practice;
  • enhance student participation in sustainable mobility research and education programs and train the next generation of workforce capable of addressing sustainability issues.

The Initiative is funded through support of UT’s Office of Research and Engagement, with additional support from the Center for Transportation Research and ISSE.