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ISSE Seed Projects

2017-18 ISSE Seed Grant Projects

  • Microbial contamination, biofilm development and lead release in drinking water and in premise plumbing
  • Improving models of soil C stability
  • Green infrastructure project delivery performance evaluation and decision support tool for water/wastewater projects
  • Instrumenting an Outdoor Laboratory at the UT Gardens Constructed Wetlands
  • Nutrient and microbial community implications associated with the addition of duckweed to wastewater remediation
  • Hydraulic fracturing chemical effects on characterization of fractured shale particulates and their impact on hydraulic fracturing wastewater quality
  • Support of the Baker Center Seminar series

2016-17 ISSE Seed Grant Projects

2015-16 ISSE Seed Grant Projects

2014-15 ISSE Seed Grant Projects

2013-14 ISSE Seed Grant Projects

2012-13 ISSE Seed Grant Projects

  • International Center for Air Pollution and Energy Study (ICAPES) (extended to 2013-14; extended 2014-15)
  • TVA Database Mining (extended to 2013-14; extended 2014-15)
  • Renewable Production of Chemical Feedstocks and Value-Added Chemicals (extended to 2013-14; extended to 2014-15)