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Adopt-A-Watershed 2016-17 Program

The 2016/17 Adopt-A-Watershed (AAW) Program is up and running! This past June the TNWRRC coordinated its annual AAW teacher training (Figure 1) bringing in seven new teachers into the program along with training Office of Surface Mining staff who are supporting the program’s implementation at the L&N STEM Academy.  In addition, the 2016-2017 CAC AmeriCorps members completed their month-long “watershed boot camp” training and are mapping out service learning projects with the teachers. The program is being conducted in Knox County, Oak Ridge, and Farragut with the support of six CAC/Knox County Stormwater members, two CAC/Oak Ridge Stormwater members, and one CAC/Farragut Stormwater member (see Figure 2). Two AmeriCorps members are being supported by the Regional Office of Surface Mining Program, who will be conducting the program at the L&N STEM Academy. Other participating schools include: Halls High, North Knox Technology, Powell High, Career Magnet Academy, Farragut High, West Valley Middle, Bearden High, Central High, Fulton High, West High, South Doyle Middle, Holston Middle, and Grace Christian Academy.

The AAW Program is managed by ISSE's TNWRRC and is sponsored by Knox County Stormwater and the Water Quality Forum.

Picture of bank erosion

Figure 1: AAW Teacher Workshop: Back row (left to right): Earl Bandy (OSM), Jill Shinlever (Career Magnet), Noelle Turner (Bearden), Jill Strating (Central High), April Keener (Holston Middle), Ryan Brem (Karns High), and Bryan Schultz (L&N STEM Academy); front row (left to right): Elizabeth Smith (OSM), Bonnie Craighead (OSM AmeriCorps), Ruth Anne Hanahan (TNWRRC), and Val Elton (Fulton High)


Picture of bank erosion

Figure 2: 2016-17 AmeriCorps members helping to implement AAW. (L to R): Patrick Rose (Knox), Emily Fennell (Knox), Caitlin Craighead (Oak Ridge), Kenny Blair (Knox), Kaitlyn Etienne (Knox), Courtney Alley (Farragut), Jackie Cirincione (Knox), and Tina Ball (Oak Ridge), Rebecca Bratcher (OSM). Not shown are Colleen McWilliams (Knox) and Bonnie Craighead (OSM)