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CCP Projects

New and On-going Projects

EPEAT Standards Development—The Center for Clean Products will manage the public process to develop environmental standards for up to four additional electronics product categories, beginning with imaging equipment and televisions.

  • Electronic Benefits Calculator—The Environmental Benefits Calculator Tool for the Federal Electronics Challenge and the Electronics Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT) Programs was developed to quantify the benefits to the environment of materials and manufacturing activities used in the production of electronics.

Testing Sustainable Building Materials and Practices during Gulf Coast Reconstruction—This grant from USEPA partners CCP with the Healthy Building Network to study the materials used to construct modular and prefabricated homes. The goal of the project is to develop a list of the most environmentally sound construction materials available.

Natural Stone Council Project—A collaborative project to benchmark and ultimately improve the environmental sustainability of the entire natural stone industry.

Pharos Project—The Pharos Project seeks to define a consumer-driven vision of truly green building materials and how they should be evaluated in harmony with principles of environmental health and justice. The Project’s foundation will be building a community to develop this vision, comprised of those who use building materials working with those who study their impacts on health and the environment. CCP's Jack Geibig is one of the Pharos Project team members.

Past Projects

CCP's projects are grouped into the following categories:

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