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Bruce Tschantz

Senior Research Associate
Tennessee Water Resources Research Center

Professor Emeritus, Civil and Environmental Engineering, The University of Tennessee

Dr. Tschantz' primary activities center on providing technical assistance and engineering support services to the Tennessee WaterResources Research Center (TNWRRC). Much of his work at the Center over the last nine years has involved developing and teaching state-wide fundamentals and design training and certification workshops to over 15,000 state regulators, local officials, developers and contractors, design engineers, and field inspectors. Dr. Tschantz assisted in the Center's responsibility to develop the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation's (TDEC) 2011 Erosion and Sediment Control Handbook. He is also helping the Center, together with its UT Ag Institute and TDEC partners, to develop and initiate the new Stormwater Management Assistance, Research and Training (SMART) facility.

Dr. Tschantz is Professor Emeritus at the University of Tennessee after retiring in June 2002 following 37 years as Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering. He has been a Senior Research Associate at the Center since retiring from teaching. He has over four decades of experience in research, teaching undergraduate and graduate courses, federal government policy-making, and engineering consulting practice. His background in water resources engineering provides an opportunityto work in related areas of urban hydrology, open channel flow hydraulics, extreme event floods, erosion and sediment control, dam safety engineering and low-head dam hazards. He has authored or co-authored more than 100 articles, papers, manuals, and reports on his work.

Dr. Tschantz maintains a consulting office in West Knoxville and serves as an engineering consultant and technical expert to several local, regional, and national engineering firms, industries,city/state/federal agencies, citizen groups, private individuals, and attorneys in the areas of urban stormwater management, erosion and sediment problems, drainage and flooding problems, dam failures andsafety problems, and public hazards at low-head dams.

He has served on several national dam safety and stormwater hydrology panels in ASCE, ASDSO, FEMA, National Academy of Sciences, and Executive Office of the President. During the period 1977-79, following failure of the Teton and Kelly Barnes dams, Dr. Tschantz was a consultant to the Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) for coordinating the Carter Administration's effort to develop Federal Guidelines for Dam Safety. Taking leave of absence from the Universityof Tennessee in 1980, he coordinated dam safety programs and developed the Federal Office of Dam Safety in FEMA, where he served as the first Chief of Federal Dam Safety. In 2009, he was appointed by the Commissioner of TDEC to the TDEC Advisory Board on the TVA Kingston Failure. The Panel's mission was to make an independent assessment of the cause of the 2008 TVA Kingston Fossil Plant fly ash storage failure and spill, assess the conditions and safety of other similar TVA plants across the State, and recommend policy for TDEC regulation of fly ash storage.

Dr. Tschantz remains active in ASCE and ASDSO committees and is a registered professional engineer in Tennessee, Ohio, Alabama, and Virginia.

Outside the office, Dr. Tschantz enjoys family activities with his wife and four grandchildren. His favorite activities are biking, camping, and fly-fishing across the country.


  • Sc.D. Civil Engineering-Water Resources, New Mexico State University
  • M.S.C.E., Civil Engineering-Water Resources, New Mexico State Uniiversity
  • B.S.C.E., Civil Engineering, Ohio Northern University

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