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Mingzhou Jin

Director, Institute for a Secure and Sustainable Environment

Dr. Mingzhou Jin is the Director of the Institute for a Secure and Sustainable Environment (ISSE) at the University of Tennessee (UT). He is also Professor and Associate Department Head, Industrial and Systems Engineering, and Director of Graduate Studies.

His research focuses on data analytics and operations research; modeling and analysis for the environment, sustainability, and climate change; logistics, transportation, and supply chain management; and advanced manufacturing.


  • PhD, Industrial and Systems Engineering, Lehigh University, 2001
  • MS, Management Science, Business School of Zhejiang University, 1998
  • BS, Electrical Engineering and Mixed Class, Zhejiang University, 1995

Selected Publications:

  • K. He, R. Tang, M. Jin, Y. Cao, and S. Nimbalkar. 2018. Energy Modeling and Efficiency Analysis of Aluminum Die Casting Processes. Accepted by Energy Efficiency
  • P. Kelle, J. Song, M. Jin, H. Schneider, and C. Claypool. 2018. Evaluation of Operational and Environmental Sustainability Tradeoffs in Multimodal Freight Transportation Planning. Accepted by International Journal of Production Economics
  • W. Forbes, J. Mao, Jiafu, M. Jin, et al. 2018. Contribution of environmental forcings to US runoff changes for the period 1950-2010. Environmental Research Letters 13: 054023
  • W. Liu, J. Zhang, M. Jin, S. Liu, X. Chang, N. Xie, and Y. Wang. 2017. Key Indices of the Remanufacturing Industry in China Using a Combined Method of Grey Incidence Analysis and Grey Clustering. Journal of Cleaner Production 168: 1348-1357
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