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About ISSE

Sustainability science for global solutions...

The science that addresses today's and tomorrow's pressing environmental issues must arise from a broad multidisciplinary foundation. With that in mind, the University of Tennessee (UT) created the Institute for a Secure and Sustainable Environment (ISSE) to promote development of policies, technologies, and educational programs that cut across multiple disciplines, engage the university's research faculty and staff, and grow in response to environmental issues facing the state, the nation, and the globe.

picture of Mingzhou Jin

Dr. Mingzhou Jin, Professor and Associate Department Head of Industrial and Systems Engineering, directs ISSE. Under his leadership, ISSE is focused on increased interaction and stronger partnerships with faculty and students, both on and off campus. ISSE provides a collaborative platform for UT faculty and research staff to work on environmental issues faced by the state of Tennessee, the nation, and the world and to pursue larger research initiatives in an interdisciplinary manner. ISSE staff members will assist UT faculty and students in conducting quality research, pursuing grants to support research activities, making a true societal impact, and enhancing the visibility of UT in the areas of environment and sustainability.


ISSE Main Office—
Telephone 865-974-4251;
Fax: 865-974-1838

Dr. Mingzhou Jin—
Telephone: 865-974-1843 or 974-9992